Saturday, February 21, 2009

Willowy Spirit (Adriana)

She gets to be christened Adriana because as I was finishing her up this afternoon, I was listening to the live Met Opera radio broadcast of Adriana Lecouvreur. Placido Domingo was singing today. I am absolutely amazed that he can sing as well as he does at age 68.

I love the giant print fabric that I used to make this spirit doll. It has a lot of pastel shades that are swirling and flowing and if you cut at the right place, you get these curly-kew things growing out of her head. :) Half of her delicate pink face transitions into a soft baby blue on the other half.

My friend Julia came to visit me for a few days. She has three cats and a dog. Here is a most wonderful photo of her critters which she said I could post on my blog. Even though the photo is a bit blurred (try to get 4 animals to sit still for a portrait), it's still good enough to share. Let's see. It was dinner time and they were all hovering around the kitchen. This photo is called "Feeding Time At The Zoo".

From left to right are cats, Tom, Dick and Harry and the girl dog is Lilly.


Belinda said...

Hi Inga I am really enjoying these new style dolls of yours.They are quite mythical and full of character. And what a great photo of your friends pets. I could never get my two to sit and pose like that. Belinda

Summerset said...

Interesting doll - very good use of a print.

Love the pet photo!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kiddo!
Your little figures are as enchanting as ever.
T'was great seeing you last week. Thanx for a nice time.

Renee said...

I am not kidding, this looks like a scene from a disney movie. How fun.

Do you sell your work?

Your new sun doll is great.

studio lolo said...

This speaks to my heart! Wonderful!

And your art is stunning. I'm still looking around....