Friday, January 16, 2009

Pay It Forward, Part 2

A year ago, this Pay It Forward challenge was making the rounds in the blogosphere. I decided to participate and received a response. I had 365 days to make a gift and as usual, I left things close to the deadline.

But, I can now reveal that the recipient of my gift is Judy Merrill-Smith of Cheery Tomato Productions. For Judy, I made a doll named "Gwendoline." I noticed that Judy has had a few posts on her blog relating to world peace, so I thought it would be appropriate for Gwendoline to wear a peace symbol. The batik fabric puts me in mind of the tie dye fabrics that were popular in the 60s, along with the peace symbol.

The maker of my Pay It Forward gift was Maggie Robinson of Magpies Collectables. Maggie and I are both Dempseys (her maiden and my married name). Above is the beautiful brooch that Maggie made for me, highly detailed with beads, textures and shades of purple.


Jane said...

This brooch is lovely, it makes me think of a japanese kimono.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Maggie's brooch is gorgeous! And I am so thrilled with the doll!

Ravenhill said...

I really love your "peace" doll! Your work is delightful!

Maggie R said...

Gee Thanks for posting a picture of the brooch Inga.... I had forgotten how it looked!!!! I never do the same thing twice so it's hard to keep track.... says one Dempsey to another..;-}
BTW do you have as much snow as we do??? I am sick of it. It must be 2 feet on the deck!!!!!
I want to see daffodils!! hee hee

nifwlseirff said...

The brooch is gorgeous and the peace doll is lovely - it reminds me of the ocean!

Via swap-bot :-)