Sunday, January 25, 2009

Experiment in Darkness

This doll didn't turn out at all like I had expected. I used some awful black yarn for her hair, hated the way it looked and chopped it all off. I wanted to give her "bead" arms but I couldn't find the right kind of wire around the house. And I need some of those tiny jewelry making pliers, etc., etc....

It wasn't a total failure because I discovered I can use that yarn by weaving it in and out of some straight stitches and that holds it in place. Definitely, I will try this again but maybe make something else first.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

You are brave enough to show your "failure," and you have the fortitude to try again. Well done!

Summerset said...

Wow, she does look stormy, doesn't she. Maybe it was the episode with the hair. LOL.

I've left an award for you on my blog. Enjoy!

Creativehands said...

Hi again.
I had a look at your blog this morning and thought about your latest creation many times throughout the day.
First: I don't see a "failure"; I see a beautiful doll that I would name (this is kind of spooky, because this is really the name I thought of this morning), "Stormy". (Maybe Spooky would work too)
Second: I LOVE black and white work; throw in a splash of lime green and/or bright pink or red (that's been done about a bazillion times though), even yellow and you bring a whole new dimension to it.
Three: I think trying all the colours of the rainbow and all the many variations would be a fabulous way to display the many lovely ladies' faces that you create.

Tina- said...

she doesn't look like a failure to me either..I think adding some beading around the edges in either a sapphire blue, aqua, or red, or yellow would really brighten things up a good deal. she still looks good though.your dolls are very nice.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

I actually like the way she looks. You did a great job! I do understand how it feels to not be satisfied with something though. I like your ideas to make her even better. I can see her beaded arms dangling perfect already.

Belinda said...

Hi Inga you should experiment into darkness more often because this doll is very cool. Her face is perfect for her and I love her hair. Excellent job. Belinda

Sharon said...

You dolls are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them on your blog. And thanks for visiting me for OWOH.

Renee said...

Well I love her because she is just like me.

The hair is mine when it was coming in and out from chemo (only it is gray).

The lack of arms are mine (I have arms) only they are difficult to use sometimes from pain.

I love her. Great job.