Tuesday, December 30, 2008


At hubby's suggestion, she is called "Stella". She almost didn't get finished today as we slipped into town to meet up with some friends at the pub for a pint (or two - ;))

I received a small swatch of this blue and orange fabric in a swap. I love this colour combination and have seen these splendid colours recently in a very cool man's shirt.

And twenty years ago when we bought our house, we bought it fully furnished as the seller didn't want to keep the furniture. Guess what my colour scheme was for the first 5 years or so - blue and orange - right out of the 60s. Ah, I miss that bright orange naugahide couch.

"My chair is upholstered in real Naugahide,
When they killed that nauga, I sat down and cried!"
-Allan Sherman (song parody of Chim Chim Cheree)

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Summerset said...

LOL. Hmm, where could you have seen such an outlandish shirt? You know, when I was in college, I lived in a dorm that was orange. Every floor was a different shade. My floor was Kraft Mac N Cheese orange. The counter tops in the bathrooms were that same brilliant orange in that bright shirt.

The naugas have been a family joke of ours for years, too! My father used to say things like, "A lot of naugas died for that jacket!" or "Wow, they spent a lot on that item, check out the fake naugahide!". We have perpetuated the naugas by telling our children that faux fur comes from the rare "mountain naugas", which are furry instead of smooth. My children also wanted to know why naugahide wasn't as popular anymore and I told them it was because they were hunted almost to the point of extinction in the 70's. I had my husband in tears over that one.

Alright, waaaaaay too long of a comment, but you've brought back a lot of memories for me. Thanks!