Sunday, December 28, 2008


I didn't think I'd be posting again until the New Year. We had a change in some of our plans. It gave me more time to do some stitching so here I am.

I went to a fabric store yesterday just to browse, fondle the fabrics, see what was on sale, etc. etc. I spotted some really interesting cotton with a "primitive" motif with gold accents. This fabric is eventually going to end up as the bodice and pockets of a dress. I couldn't resist snipping off a piece to make the above doll.

There is a lot of embroidery on her with black, purple and gold thread. I finally found some gold cotton embroidery thread that gives the right shine - far superior to that awful gold metallic thread that I struggled with a few weeks ago. I'll have to think up some clever way of using the metallic threads I bought so I won't have wasted $10.00.

I have called her Regina as I was listening to a rare recording of Marc Blitzstein's opera "Regina" as I was stitching. I used to have this record on vinyl and regretted getting rid of it (and others) due to lack to storage space. I am pleased to have found a copy of this work again and now it's burned on to one little CD in .mp3 format which takes up hardly any space at all. :)

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Jacky said...

Inge I just adore that fabric! What a find!!! Looks amazing in your doll.

Jacky xox