Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Doll For Julia

This little doll is one of my favourites so far. It's a birthday gift I made for my good friend and glass artist Julia Dawn.

I chose green because that's Julia's favourite colour. It looks plain in the photo but there's actually a lot of stitching in this piece. I've highlighted the tips of the leaves with beige embroidery floss. There's also a lot of stitching around the face and the edges are all neatly blanket stitched.

More sad news in our family. I mentioned previously that hubby's sister died November 5th. A few days later, my favourite aunt passed away. We attended two funerals in two weeks. It wasn't that long ago that we went to weddings and the odd funeral. Nowadays, we go to funerals and an occasional wedding.


Summerset said...

Hugs to you - it seems like you have had a lot of funerals lately.

Belinda said...

Inga I am so sorry to hear about your families loss, it is hard when it comes so close together. I lost 3 grand parents and an auntie and gave birth all in 2 years and it was hard.
I will be thinking of you. Belinda xxx