Friday, September 5, 2008

Green Floral Doll

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. She is ready to be stitched. I decided to give this lucky lady some arms. Maybe the next one will get to grow some legs too.

Yesterday, after a long day of work and travelling, hubby came home for a quick dinner and kindly drove me into town to deliver my entry (see previous post) to the Fall Fair. The entries were judged last night. I don't know yet whether or not I earned a ribbon in my category which was "Stuffed Animal or Doll - any medium - with sample - no kits." I've never entered anything in the fair before, so I wasn't sure what "with sample" meant. I was guessing that they wanted to see the leftover cuttings from the fabrics I used to make sure that the work was original. Thank goodness I guessed right and remembered to bring the samples along.

I am very curious to see the other submissions in my category. In fact, now that I am a participant, I will pay closer attention to all the handiwork. In years past, I could usually be found spending an inordinate amount of time ogling the carrots and the beets - maybe because I'm a veggie. This time the handiwork will get equal time.


Rae said...

Very cool - our fall fair is actually just a carnival. It would be nice if there were some animals, pies, and handiwork.

Summerset said...

Great job on the fair! I do hope you get a prize as your dolls are so unique and little individuals.