Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Estonian Colours

I just finished another image for my cards which contains the colours of the Estonian flag - blue, black and white. This might have some appeal at the Jazz Festival art sale because the festival is in aid of the Estonian Children's Camp and a lot of Estonian folks are naturally going to attend.

I may have to photograph this again tomorrow in early daylight as the blue looks more turquoise than the sky blue it's supposed to be.

Today is the DVD release date for the old TV series - Perry Mason, Season Three, Volume One. Hubby is going to pick it up on his way home this evening. It's one of my favourite TV shows and certainly my favourite ever TV theme music.

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Summerset said...

I'm loving all the new ladies - the Africa and Estonia ones are my favs of the three.

My dad loves Perry Mason, too! He used to watch the reruns when I was a kid. If was home during the week, some channel where we lived carried it and I'd come home from school to find him watching it.