Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Broken Tree

Today was supposed to be a day devoted to working on greeting cards, however, have you noticed that things do not always go according to plan? In the morning, I had to help hubby with some business stuff. Then a storm hit and before I knew it, a huge tree in my neighbour's yard broke off at the top due to heavy winds.

Fortunately, it only blocked my neighbour's driveway and the street. We're thankful that the two parked vehicles nearby were far enough away to avoid damage. And no person was hurt. And our favourite neighbourhood cat, Lucy Maude, was away from the site (she dropped by later to check things out). Just a mess to clean up. Hubby got out the old chain saw (guys do love their chain saws) and cut the branches and limbs into manageable pieces while my neighbour and I hauled them to the side of the road. We cleared the drive and road but a pro will have to come in and take down the tree.

Afterwards, we sat down and had some beers and traded travel stories with my neighbour. She was away visiting family in Birmingham, England while we were on our trip.

So that was a little bit of excitement in our neck of the woods today.

Tomorrow is another day and I will try again to work on some cards.


Summerset said...

Ouch! We had one like that in our backyard, about 20 feet from the house. I saw it come down and wasn't sure whether it would hit the house or not.

Anonymous said...

thank god, you guys werent affected by the fall, by the size of it, you can have been seriously damaged.

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BELINDA said...

Hi Wow you were all lucky there wasn't any real damage or anyone hurt. We get some horrible wind sometimes but thats scary. Belinda

Julie H said...

I just found your blog from Dotee's and while I have enjoyed a browse through all your pictures I was struck by the first of the falling tree. You see I am in Western Australia and the view from my window is almost identical today as we had a severe winter storm pass through yesterday. Wish I had got the camera out.

Jacky said...

Mmmm those winds can be treacherous. We had a few down earlier this month after big winds and yes, the chainsaw came out (boys and their toys!!!). Lovely of your husband to clear the road and driveway.