Thursday, June 5, 2008

A 1950s Skirt Pattern

My wonderful brother-in-law G, laboured for 4 hours yesterday trying to solve the mystery of hooking up our scanner to our multi-computer network. I never felt any urgency to have a working scanner but recently it has become important to have one. We are leaving for our trip in about 2 weeks and I suddenly find myself having to complete a very large, time sensitive project for my husband's business. For this I need a scanner.

I did my first test scan this morning. I needed a colourful image so I grabbed one of my vintage sewing patterns, pictured above. Then I thought, since I have "millions" of vintage patterns, why not start putting some of my favourites up on my blog. So now I have a second, very good reason to have a working scanner.

McCalls 3338 was copyrighted in 1955. The pattern is printed and uncut and in mint condition. The original price was 45 cents.

It's a very basic, simple pattern. Here's what I love about it:
-the cover art (they had great graphic illustrators in the 50s)
-the length of the skirt (suits me as I am no spring chicken and the less you see of my legs, the better)
-looks good with flats or heels (this boiler can only do flats these days)
-this can be a summer or winter skirt (cotton or wool)
-the waist and hip can be easily altered to fit (in case you don't have the 26-inch waist and the 35-inch hip that the pattern calls for)
-of all the skirt patterns, this is the one I would take with me to a desert island
-makes me think of Katharine Hepburn in "Desk Set" or "Summertime" (in this fantasy, you would need to have a 26-inch waist)

Stay tuned for more great pattern images in the future.

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