Sunday, March 9, 2008

Woodland Doll In Progress

For my next to last swap committment, I decided to work in woodland greens and browns as these are the colour preferences of my swap partner. I am giving up swapping for a while and concentrating on creating art dolls for my own pleasure and education.

My enthusiasm got the better of me and I ended up joining too many swaps. The cost of postage in Canada is quite high. The money I save for the next while can be put towards art and sewing supplies.

I also want to sew spring and summer clothes and use some of the vintage patterns in my collection.

The doll you see here is going to look quite different when I'm done. I am very pleased with her shape and will use this template again in the future. I love it when an idea comes together.


Janet said...

I really like the colors of this doll, and the shape is cute, too. What did you paint the face on? Is it fabric or cardstock or something else?

Cotton Picker said...

Thank you, Janet. The face is painted on muslin.

GraceBeading said...

She is a beauty - her shape, the fabric, the colors and of course... that wonderful face.