Friday, January 25, 2008

Dotee Express

These dolls are ready to go to my four swap partners. The theme for the top set is Creativity. I don't know how creative I was here but I had some beautiful black quilting cotton with tiny gold stars that I thought would be nice for the body. I decided to make these "artsy" dolls entirely in black and gold so I painted the faces and the background for the lettering, gold. The letters A R T are rubber stamped.

The theme for the second set is Winter. The only thing I had in my stash that fit was some navy blue cotton with a snowball print. I painted their faces silver to give them a wintry feel. I particularly like the look of silver and will definitely use this colour again for future dolls.

The "tails" are gold and silver wing charms.

And now, to finish up those troublesome Icicle Dolls that I have been telling myself to complete for the past three weeks.


creative dreams said...

Hi I adore dotee dolls and yours a beautiful, mostly I love the gorgeous faces you have given them. I'm stating my first dotee swap next week, I can't wait but its a shame I only need to make one as they can get quite addictive. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my dog. Belinda

Hoola Tallulah said...

OW! Amazing dotee's as always, I am always so inspired by your work Inga, thanks for sharing <3

freebird said...

I have resisted but my will is crumbling. I keep seeing these Dotee dolls and the appeal is irresistable. Where are the directions or is it just do-it-yourself? Your faces are adorable; I hope I can make nice ones.