Friday, January 18, 2008

Beginnings of February's Card

I was playing around with other ideas last night (until nearly 1:00 a.m.), because I'm having trouble with what should be simple Icicle dolls. One of the Icicles that I started making for a swap I like so much that I can't bear to give her away. So I had to make another one. My second problem is how to make the very flexible yarn that is supposed to "stand up" on the doll's head stand up without flopping over. I have an idea to try sewing the yarn to some tulle.

So, in the meantime, I went through some of the fabric scraps I recently inherited and came up with this. I'm going to use this image on my February greeting cards. When I first saw this huge piece of fabric with very large, bold foliage and bright flowers, I honestly couldn't see a use for it.

When I started cutting out the flowers and rearranging the leaves, it became something totally different. I will save the flowers for another future project.

February will require a second greeting card for Valentine's Day and I will look forward to making that as well.


Creativehands said...

Hiding some floral wire in the yarn might help too. Just a thought.
This little lady is very striking; isn't it a shame that we need to sleep instead of just crafting on and on...stop for some wine,and then craft on and on...

Cotton Picker said...

Creativehands, thanks for the tip about the wire. Good idea.

No need to stop. I was able to enjoy a glass of wine while I was working away. ;)

Creativehands said...

Thank-you, thank-you for your tip!! Crafty AND computer savvy; I redid all the links and they're up and running!! Who said the computer saves you time? I don't think so.

Scooter said...

Nice greens in this one!
You may want to try watered down glue applied with a brush.