Friday, December 7, 2007

Red Ornament

This morning I was drawing faces for my Christmas ornaments. Out of seven attempts, I was able to produce five that I thought were acceptable.

Here is a red one I completed a few minutes ago. I didn't time myself, but I figure it must have taken about an hour to make one ornament.

I have ten more to go as little gifties and I think maybe I should keep one for myself too.

I have been working in my kitchen as my studio at the back of the house is mighty cold this time of year. Tomorrow, our contractor friend is coming over to discuss renovations, starting with adding supplementary heat and a ceiling fan. Then I am going to remove a corner cabinet which looks nice but is not all that efficient for storing supplies and tools. He will be taking measurements for shelving. I want all my mess out in the open, but on shelves (not on the floor) and somewhat organized.

With any luck, the renos might be completed in a week. Then I'm going to post a picture of two of my work space. It's a really neat place with large southern rakehead windows that emit plenty of light. I am very fortunate to have this wonderful place to work in.

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