Friday, December 28, 2007

Dotee Doll From A Friend

My friend and neighbour, JR, had a surprise for me yesterday. I knew ahead of time that she had made something for me. Since JR is a mosaics artist, I thought whatever she had for me might involve bits of broken glass and china. JR makes the most incredibly intricate mosaic pictures which, in my view, must require an infinite amount of patience to create.

But JR has been reading my blog and with all my posts about Dotee dolls, it looks like the Dotee bug has bit her too. This doll has been cleverly recycled from an old wine bag. There is a lot of detail which I am unable to show you in the photo. It can only be appreciated upon close up, in person, inspection. The facial features are all hand embroidered on a satin type of fabric and because of the sheen, the photo just doesn't do it justice.

I love handmade things and the thoughtfulness and creativity that goes into them. Thank you so much, JR.


Grace said...

That is simply precious! I only discovered Dotee dolls myself not long ago and am on my third now. They are SO much fun and a challenge for me NOT to cover the entire surface in beads.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

Maggie R said...

Hi Cotton Picker....
Thanks for stopping by my blog. .
I wanted to return the visit and I'm glad I'm here.
This Dotee Doll is absoluteloy precious... I only made one for a trade in one of my online groups. I sure want to do some more, they have endless possibilities.

Dot said...

JR is a great friend. What a lovely idea!