Monday, November 19, 2007

Funny Face

Well I couldn't do much of anything yesterday except shuffle around like an old man. I did manage to walk over to visit with my friends and neighbours who live two houses down the street from me. I must say that by the time I left their house, my back was starting to feel normal again. I'm not sure if that was due to all that wine that JR gave me or was it because I sat on her nice firm couch with a pillow propped up behind me. Maybe a little of both.

Today I am moving around cautiously but it looks like I am getting better. I felt well enough to almost finish up the Dotee doll for my swap partner in Tasmania. I can't post a picture of it here until after she receives it, just in case she wanders to my blog again. No sneak previews.

What I will show you is the beginnings of the doll face that I messed up. You see this was supposed to be a temporary face, just for positioning, while I embellished the body with beads and embroidery. For fun, I jotted a face on to an untreated piece of broadcloth with a Sharpie pen, knowing it would bleed.

I ended up liking the bleeding effect, so I continued by sewing the face to the main fabric and beading around the face. So far so good. Then I sealed the face with Podge. I should have lined the face first because once the sealer dried, you could see the red background fabric through the broadcloth. In an attempt to fix that, I slapped on some white acrylic paint and now it has a weird texture, like she has skin problems. Just not good enough to give away.

I will finish this doll and keep her for myself. On the positive side, I learned 1) to always line the face, 2) that I can utilize the bleeding technique again and 3) I will get more practice sewing beads.

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