Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dotee Doll Two

Boy, these little guys are really fun to make. I sewed tiny beads into the centres of some of the flowers and gave her a beaded head band. This is the first time I've ever sewn a bead. I figured it out without having to refer to anything, but then, it's not exactly rocket science.

I used felt for the crown and the tail because that's all I had on hand that I thought would be suitable. I'll have to get some bigger beads (back to the buck store).

I sewed the beads on before I stitched the front and back of Dotee together. It's easier to work with a flat piece, although I know some crafters sew the beads on in the end. I wonder how they do that. Maybe that's rocket science.

This was good practice and I am looking forward to making the next one.

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Dot said...

Hi there

Many thanks for visiting my blog today and for leaving your lovely comment! Your Dotee dolls are gorgeous :) Love the colors of this one and her felt hair and ' tail'. Glad you are enjoying making them. They can be addictive (as I have found out after making so many of them).

Have a great week

Dot xx